LAWYER UP ACADEMY -- Digital Course for Teens

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Give your teen a crash course in police encounters -- without the stress and panic that comes with being pulled over.

This pre-recorded, 5-part series, gives your son or daughter a front-row seat as Attorney April Preyar explains what to do and not to do if stopped by police.  Preyar draws from her 24 years of experience representing 1000's of criminal defendants in the Chicagoland area. Most sessions were recorded in front of a live audience of teenagers, ages 13 - 18.

Attorney Preyar covers:

Module 1, Lesson 1: 4 Things Not To Do If Stopped by Police

Learn the first 4 Rules of Police Encounters from Trials & Triumph Board Game; Hear true stories of real-life application of the rules.

Module 1, Lesson 2: Comply vs. Consent

Do you have to do everything a police officer tells you to do? The short answer is no, but knowing when to refuse makes all the difference.

Module 2: F.A.S.T. - 4 Ways to Get Searched (Legally) Fast!!

When is it legal for an officer to search you? What can you do to avoid being illegally searched? Find out in this lesson. 

Module 3, Lesson 1: Silence Is Power

Most teens and adults try to talk their way out of being arrested. Learn why explaining or denying involvement in a crime won't serve you.

Module 3, Lesson 2: When To Ask For A Lawyer

Teens ask for their parents when they get arrested, when who they really need to ask for is an attorney. Find out why SHUT UP! LAWYER UP! is the best practice in police interrogations.

BONUS VIDEO!! Traffic Stops! This course previously sold for $497

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