The JUSTUS Accelerator: PARENTS PLUS+ 3 Part Framework

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Struggling to teach your teens about police?  You've seen the heart-wrenching news stories on TV and up and down your Facebook feed.  Your heart beats a little faster every time your kids leave the house without you.  You gave them "The Talk," but you aren't really sure if what you told them about police will keep them safe if pulled over.

The purpose of this course is to give your peace back!  The short modules will give you the confidence to send your kids out in the world and know that they will be safe.  God forbid an emergency happens, you'll be prepared for that too!

This inaugural course combines all of the lessons from Attorney Preyar's various online and in-person parent workshops and webinars.  Click the images to see what attendees of past webinars are saying. 



Lessons valued at over $7000 include:

  • The PowerShift Masterclass: 3 Mistakes Parents Make To Land Their Kids In Jail
  • Special Report: 5 Shocking Facts Cops Don't Want You To Know
  • The College Dropout Masterclass: 4 Mistakes Parents Of College Kids Make To Get Them Kicked Out of School
  • Lawyer Up Academy - Digital Course for Teens
  • The Cheatcode Course Digital Course for Parents: 5 Ways To Bring Your Teen Or Young Adult Home Every Time
  • Bonuses:

            The Traffic Stop (All attendees)

            Fast Acting Bonus: Live Zoom Call with Attorney Preyar to create your individual emergency plan for teens

REFUND POLICY: 100% Risk-free money-back guarantee.  If you complete the course and are dissatisfied, we will refund your money, but you MUST complete the course to qualify for a refund. 

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